Subject of the contract


  1. The objective of this agreement is to establish permanent rules for cooperation between the Parties.
  2. Navy Blue OÜ is committed to selling and delivering the IT components, consumer electronics and other general merchandise hereinafter referred to as „Goods” to purchaser and purchaser agrees to receive Goods delivered and to pay the agreed price.

Sales, orders and receipt of goods


  1. The condition for the implementation of the agreement is to perform a purchase order by the purchaser.
  2. The purchase order can be made in writing, via email.
  3. The purchase order should contain a specification of Goods in accordance with the descriptive data contained in Navy Blue OÜ offer, ie. the quantity, unit price, the terms of payment, estimated time of delivery and the place of delivery.
  4. The deadline for the execution of the order will be same as mentioned in Proforma Invoice or Purchase order.
  5. If purchaser notices irregularities in the purchase order, they should immediately (within 24 hours) notify Navy Blue OÜ in the manner described in § 2 point 2 of this Agreement.

Submitting complaints, liability for defect, penalties


  1. The purchaser is obliged to receive the products that comply with the order made by purchaser. Upon receipt of the goods purchaser should declare that received Goods are free from physical and legal defects, the goods are new and covered by manufacturer’s warranty.
  2. Navy Blue OÜ is required to inspect delivered Goods on time and in the manner adopted for consignments of this kind.
  3. Navy Blue OÜ has the right to cancel the purchase order and forfeit paid deposit by the purchaser without refund in case the invoice amount is not fully paid withing 5 working days from the date of Inspection Report of the Goods.

Submitting complaints, liability for defect, penalties


  1. Navy Blue OÜ guarantees the stability of prices from the date of the purchase order receipt to the date of delivery of Goods.
  2. Purchaser is obliged to pay for the Goods by the date indicated on the Order confirmation / Proforma Invoice / Invoice issued by Navy Blue OÜ , unless the parties agreed on a different date of payment in writing in the manner described §2 point 2 of this Agreement.
  3. Payment must be made on Navy Blue OÜ bank account indicated on the Order confirmation / Proforma Invoice / Invoice.

Date of Sale


  1. The date of sale of Goods for each transaction will be the date indicated on the invoice and warehouse document.
  2. In case of a few days discrepancies between the date of the sale indicated on the invoice and the date of the sale indicated on the warehouse document the correct date of the sale should be deemed as the date indicated on the invoice.



  1. Navy Blue OÜ will issue to purchaser a NON-VAT invoice and send it to purchaser in the manner described in § 2 point 2 unless company is registered on the territory of Estonia.
  2. The Parties by signing the Agreement declare that they are not in arrears with payments of tax receivables, VAT, social security and other related payments; ad that there are no penalty revenue proceedings, criminal, civil or administrative enforcement regarding the payment receivables from the business are against them.
  3. Purchaser declares that they have the financial means and remains in the solid economic position allowing them to perform obligations under the Agreement by signing the Agreement.
  4. Purchaser shall perform the duties arising from the Agreement in accordance with their best knowledge, the applicable standards, with the utmost diligence required of entities professionally engaged in the implementation of this type of activity and respecting the rights of third parties.
  5. Purchaser and Navy Blue OÜ declare that they are active VAT payers in country(ies) of the VAT registration.

Terms of Termination of the Agreement


  1. The contract is concluded for an indefinite period with the possibility of one-month’s termination notice by either party in writing form.
  2. Navy Blue OÜ may terminate the agreement in writing form with immediate effect for the following reasons:
    • Payment delay for Goods by Purchaser;
    • Violations of the provisions of this Agreement by purchaser or violation of fulfillment of any other obligation by purchaser in relation to Navy Blue OÜ;
    • Any actions by Purchaser with effect to financial loss-making Navy Blue OÜ or detrimental effect to the reputation of Navy Blue OÜ or undermine effect to the confidence of other customers in relation to Navy Blue OÜ.

Final Provisions


  1. Any changes of this Agreement must be done in writing form, or they shall not be valid.
  2. Any disputes that may arise by violation of this Agreement will be settled by the competent court of Navy Blue OÜ choice.
  3. Matters that are not governed by this Agreement will be executed in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code.
  4. The email address of Navy Blue OÜ for receiving and sending all documents mentioned in this agreement is: info@navyblue.ee