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Application Form

  • Application form

  • Banking details

  • Authorized employee

  • Declarations

  • I confirm that all required tax releases for trading will be conducted correctly and on time in accordance with EU rules and/or Estonian tax legislation.
    I declare that the above information and annexed documents are complete and correct and truthful.
    I allow to verify the statements made above and annexed documents.
    I accept the terms and conditions of Navy Blue OÜ. (https://navyblue.ee/en/terms-and-conditions/)
    I confirm that we will notify Navy Blue OÜ about any changes immediately.
    I confirm that all the information i have given in this form are correct. I further confirm that i am duly authorized to sign this application form.
  • CEO / Director

  • Формат даты:ДД точка ММ точка ГГГГ

  • Official company stamp

  • Please send the following documents to info@navyblue.ee

  • • Copy of company registration
    • Copy of VAT number document
    • CEO / Director copy of ID document
    • Utility bill (invoice for electricity, internet, office rent, etc)
    • Signed and stamped Application form
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